Personal Narrative Essay: Crappie Fishing

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Crappie fishing; to most, bring visions of cool spring mornings with fog lingering over the surface of the lake and burning off shortly after rigging a bobber and a minnow to cast to a brush pile and wait for the Crappie to find your bait. Classic Crappie fishing to be sure and very effective to say the least, as many of you, like myself, grew up fishing this way almost exclusively. In recent years I have come to enjoy a new way, for me at least of chasing crappies. Crankbaits! In the fall months shad begin running the shorelines in large schools providing slab crappie some opportunities to fatten up for the winter. It is during this time that small crankbaits resembling these shad work great at luring those slabs from shallow cover. Rip rap and chunk rock banks attract shad as well as big crappie chasing those shad. A single tree along that rock bank can create an ambush point for big crappie and will replenish so returning to that cover throughout the day can prove rewarding. My favorite crankbait is any that resembles a shad. Smaller crankbaits seem to work best but I have switched to a large crankbait with good results when the shad are running large. Color always comes up in conversations pertaining to crappie. Personally, I use shad color but I do know of some folks who have had great results with crawfish patterns and colors. Chartreuse is another die hard color for crappie and that holds true for crankbaits. When the shad are

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