Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Waking Up

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Waking up on a Sunday morning was routine, each Sunday I’d get up at Seven-thirty in the morning and get dressed. Running around last minute trying to get makeup on I realized my sister wasn 't even out of bed yet. So heading over to her room, I found her with the bed covers over her face. I remember pestering my sister to get up and finally she flipped over the covers. Achieving the goal of waking her up, I turned around to leave the room when she said, “I crashed the car.” My first thought was exactly what, “what did you say?” Pulling her face into the mattress she muffled and said, “I snuck out and accidentally crashed the car and left it there.” It sounded too good to be true and immediately I checked out the garage. Like exactly what Nicole said the car wasn 't there and that was when panic started to set in. Crying out to mom I cried, “the car isn 't here!” Behind the door of her closet, I heard my mother ask if I was joking. Telling her I was quite serious she came rushing out of room to the door of the garage. Ripping the door open, she found exactly what I found, no car.…show more content…
Running and shouting could be heard and I knew my mom had found another phone. Finally, it was the last straw, there was no chance my mother was going to stick around with my sister’s behavior. On Sunday evening after mass, I was told that I was going to have a sleepover with my friend Jiana, but as soon got into the car I said, “okay Mom, Where are we going really?” It turned out I was going to my Godmother 's house for the night while my sister was going to be sent away. Afraid that my sister would run away, my mom didn 't tell her about her being sent away, but I knew it was for the best for her mental and physical health. Later that night Nicole was awoken by my mom and was escorted to the trouble for girls camp. It wouldn 't be until 6 months till I saw her
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