Personal Narrative Essay: Crime Scenarios And Alibis

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The mystery was growing with each passing day. Checking alibis, interrogating suspects, questioning family and friends and handling the media; all was more hectic than taking care of my 4 young ones causing chaos at home. This is all the usual routine of a cop when she 's got a murder on her hands to solve however this one had got me rattled for a while. Roderick Hayes; the billionaire who owned Hayes ' Industries, was found dead in one of his cruise ships at the harbor. His death window was between 12:00 and 3:00 in the morning of 31st April, as stated by our medical analysts while the cause of death was a gun shot with a 9 millimeter to his head that killed him instantly. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had been investigating this case and being the captain of that precinct, I had the responsibility to capture the killer and serve him justice. The people who had a grudge against the late Mr. Hayes or were ever involved in an argument with him, were all questioned but either their alibis checked out or they had buried the hatchet…show more content…
It had been over 6 months, and I was getting frustrated with each day going by. The commissioner of the LAPD also had his deadlines imposed on me, but we I was still at square one not knowing anything about the murder. The crime scene was all scanned for finger prints, clues or for something that the killer might have left to help identifying him but there wasn’t one mistake he made. Signs of struggle weren’t even identified, this might indicate that Mr. Hayes might have known the killer, or the shock of him holding a gun in his hand, might have caused him to freeze, but even that was not known. It made me think whether this was the perfect murder, whether this time the killer had really gotten away because I had solved over 100 murder cases, but this one had left me hanging. My reputation of solving crimes preceded me, but, could this be the one that for me remained unsolved in my
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