Personal Narrative Essay: Dance Special Experience In Dance School

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One day when I was 10 years old. I was in dance special lesson in summer.
These are hard schedule for accept SHIKI audition. The curriculum are made of jazz dancing, ballet and singing in all day summer vacation but I started dance 3 month before this. I do all things with effort and passion. The day of audition I was so nervous because I have not audition ever. I didn’t dance well and wrong lyrics. I cannot do anything my really power. I fail the audition. I was only person fail this audition. this is my great failure. I feel be frustrated but these are food for my afterlife them. That time, I lose eager for any lesson. I take that many absence for long time. Through half years I was go dance school. I surprised my muscles are uptight I didn’t do stretching exercises. After that I
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When my name was called I answer big voice and I cheer up myself again. However I made mistakes twice times in singing test because I weak harmony. I was hasty but I take over the audition. I was so depressed and I think fall to audition and I wasn’t go to school next day. My phone receives calling from the audition stuff that time I was in the car after shopping with family. I was so surprise. I pass the audition. Next day, I go to audition studio again and first practice start. It is very hard but I feel enjoy. Before that many lessons start. It have singing lesson and voice lesson especially breathing method are very difficult I didn’t do that well at first. But I was take many private lesson more than others because the beginning I was not do well so our teacher was concerned about me. Thanks to him I was grow up. 3 month later we hear about that we divide two group and one group can go to Tokyo and take special lesson with co-star the other group stay in Osaka. That thing affect order when you stand up stage. We become pressed and confuse. Next day lesson we have serious atmosphere and we concentration
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