Personal Narrative Essay: Dog Adoption

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“Vrrrr” The humn of the twirling plastic blades shower above a cluster of kennel of varying fluff. “Arf” Golden retrievers, pugs, bichon frises, and other varying breeds of canines from the size of a fist to meter long yardsticks scurried among themselves on the dirt infected white granite floor with turquoise diamonds disrupting the white granite octagons to create a geometric tessellation. The cheery canines greeted visitors, raising their jet black noses to salute like soldiers. Sunlight peered through the window to tickle the dogs with warm embrace. The rays of lemon illuminated four disinterested middle-aged adults wearing vibrant blue aprons in the room, and the light skipped over a dome reflecting a midnight marigold radiance. The man…show more content…
We had visited countless pet adoption sites, where I scrolled through pages of pictures, until I came across a fist sized puppy, which sat snugly on an azure pillow, blending with the puppy’s ivory fur like the crashing waves of the ocean onto a white beach. Above all, the puppy’s dark brown eyes shone like black pearls or plastic beads on a stuffed animal, however, the puppy’s eyes gleamed with life, innocence, and aww. The puppy was born on leap day with his twin sister, making him beyond compare unique to me as an elementary student. Consequently, I scrolled downwards to be presented with a playful pup. The pup settled on a velvet pillow, her head raised proudly to display her creamy fuzz like fresh copra. The puppy’s hair streaked across her body like the thick paint on impressionist paintings; rough, flowing, and elegant. The puppy’s tender ears to her muzzle radiated a soft tan like warm milk…show more content…
The puppies were of the bichon frise breed, thus, they had a low shedding rate and friendly to children. The bichon frise’s traits were helpful to me as an elementary student and with my father’s hypersensitivity to dog hair. Moreover, I was adopting a puppy to mark my first time reaching double digits, a feat according to my family, whereas, I only thought of the special occasion as to shove strawberry chocolate cake into my mouth and open presents in the morning. After the celebration had ended, my family and I drove to the pet shop to embrace our new accolade fido family member. Presumably, I watched afar in the pet store of the pooches who squabbled among each other. I was startled of being in the same room with several dogs for the first time. In fact, I sat in a sleek wooden bench next to my grandmother for reassurance, who was an owner of several

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