Personal Narrative: My Biggest Mistake

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We’ve all made mistakes, and my biggest mistake was believing that I had to be intoxicated to have good time. It was the day before my high school Winter Formal and I was thinking of ways in which I could make a high school dance less boring. Drinking before the dance was one plan, but popping a pill at the same time seemed like a new idea. It was something I had never done before and it seemed like fun at the time. Through a friend, I was able to get two pills of molly before the dance. I had a bottle of pineapple vodka, a carton of mango juice, and the two pills. My equation was: pineapple vodka + mango juice + molly = a good time. An hour before the dance, I put together my drink. Pouring out half of the juice from the carton, I poured…show more content…
With girls coming in and out of the washroom asking me if everything was I okay, I answered simply with a “yes.” My friend behind me was dehydrated, drunk, and slurring everything she said. It was something I had never seen before, it wasn’t like when someone who was drunk, she was worse than that. Scared that she would pass out, I forced her to drink water hoping that she would sober up and told her that she would feel better if she threw up. As she was about to throw up, a security guard came into the washroom after being told that someone was drunk and passed out the in the washroom. Whoever snitched on us was going to regret they did that. I whispered to my friend and told her to keep quiet and act sick, which shouldn’t be too hard for her. I stood up and fixed my dress trying to act as sober as possible. I asked how the security guard was doing and she told me that someone reported that there was a drunk girl passed out in one of the stalls. To the best of my abilities, I assured her that my friend was not drunk but was feeling sick due to something that she ate. Hoping that the guard bought my story, I smiled and told her that I would stay and make sure that she would be okay. The guard gave me a suspicious look but didn’t bother to interrogate me any further. As she left the washroom I let out a sigh of relief knowing that even though I'm high, I am still able the fully develop an excuse and lie to
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