Personal Narrative Essay: Drinking Before The Dance

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We’ve all made mistakes, and my biggest mistake was believing that I had to be intoxicated to have good time. It was the day before my high school Winter Formal and I was thinking of ways in which I could make a high school dance less boring. Drinking before the dance was one plan, but popping a pill at the same time seemed like a new idea. It was something I had never done before and it seemed like fun at the time. Through a friend, I was able to get two pills of molly before the dance. I had a bottle of pineapple vodka, a carton of mango juice, and the two pills. My equation was: pineapple vodka + mango juice + molly = a good time. An hour before the dance, I put together my drink. Pouring out half of the juice from the carton, I poured…show more content…
I made sure that the hall was basically empty, except for a few of the grad committee members who knew what was going on, so that I could bring my friend out and take her home. It was a rough night and I was physically drained and dehydrated, but I was coming to my senses. Looking at my friend who was still intoxicated I felt a sense of guilt for having her go through that. The whole dance was prepared and organized by her and she barely got to experience it. I watched her stress about the dance for weeks to the point where she had multiple breakdowns per day. All I wanted was for her to enjoy the night she planned and for her to destress, but I don’t think that is what happened. My intentions were never bad or evil. I just wanted for my friends and I to have a good time as we were finishing our last year at high school. Hoping that we would be able to make memories that we could laugh about in the future but instead it’ll be a memory that we shudder about when the topic comes up. Although every time I hear about that night, I can’t help but laugh because of that night, my friend can no longer drink pineapple vodka or mango juice. I'm thankful that no one got hurt and that everyone got home

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