Narrative Essay: A Day At Halloween

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My friend Ilene and I were standing in the middle of the driveway trying to decide where to go that evening , and at the moment stumped! the common where do you want to go , I don't know where do you want to goes were floating around too damn long , seeing as it was the week before Halloween I felt in the seasonal cheer and excitement but reluctant to mention my desires to drive down a hunted road ,"supposedly", haunted road , it was long and story goes a young woman was driving down it in the 70s when she picked up a poor old guy walking in the rain, unknown to her , he was walking away from a murder scene, he had seemed to of had enough of a knit picking grumpy wife , poor fella was at his wits end and he snapped , not the way you would wish for a person to snap mind you but , a snap just the same , often younger peoples hearts seems to pour out and drip from there every word and emotion, must be hormones , I don't know , either way we girls sort of felt badly for the man, as we talked about that 19 70's evening drive the young woman ,( Nancy Finley ) poor nancy finley Ilene said I feel bad for her too, she was so young and just got married I was told by a friends big brother who knew someone who knew her , really , keep in mind this was the middle of the 1980's .…show more content…
going on into the rest Nancy Finley's story, Ilene said that the fiancé never got married, hit the bottle and hit the road doing 90 miles per hour then skidded due to rainy wet high speed into a tree , he pretty much did himself in , depressed from mourning over his lost love. the thing is, it was on the same exact road we were on , the same road Nancy Finley died on as well .. As we drove on and on , because the road itself was like 7 miles and into the next town over which we were not going into the next town
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