Personal Narrative Essay: Free Stater Sniper

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Another day in June has passed and now Dublin is emerged in the darkness of the night. All throughout the day there were gunshots and the agonizing sound of death ringing out all across the city, and it’s no different at night. War is raging on as the Republicans and Free Staters are battling out to decide the fate of their motherland. Somewhere in the city, there was a Free Stater sniper carefully watching for any signs of the enemy. This man had a fresh, young face as he’d only just joined the fighting after arguing with his brother about which side had a better cause. He was growing tired as the night went on, but the roaring of guns kept him up and awake.While he was keeping watch, he saw a little flicker of light appear on the rooftop of the building on the…show more content…
The sniper was very happy about how he got revenge on the enemy for slaying his mother, but he also felt a bit weird about it. He didn’t know what the feeling was, but he wasn’t satisfied with all of the events that just took place. He thought there could’ve been another way to have kept his mother alive and then he started thinking about who the enemy could’ve been. He decided to reach for his flask of whiskey to celebrate, but then a shot that came from where the enemy died had hit him right in his chest. With that, he collapsed and fell off the the roof. He hit the ground with a thud then he started thinking and understanding the world in his last few moments. He thought about the pointlessness of war, how it leaves so many consequences for little gain. He reflected on his live, regretting some of the petty stuff that he did in live like fighting with his family members. The sniper then heard the sound of death coming towards him to take him away. He started praying for the health of his father, brother, and everyone else he cared about. Then, death came and turned his body over. Death had the face of his
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