My Horse: A Short Story

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My horse and I crested the hill just as the morning sun peeked over the sandhills and shone its pure light over the land. The fields were littered with our cattle grazing peacefully, as their backs glistening with the new sunlight. Cranes called to each other in the distance, and the sound of the creek trickling behind me filled me with a sense of contentment. I breathed in the sweet smell of my surroundings and smiled. The view, the sounds, and the smells represented the blood, sweat, and tears that made its success possible. My horse shifted beneath me, and I turned her back toward the fence and resumed following its length. As I rode memories flooded my brain. I saw myself crashing to my back after having a disagreement with a young filly as I rode her for the first time. I recollected a short moment spent rejoicing as I mended a fence at the end of the day, only to watch a heifer tear it down the next day. Then the all the hours of hard work and what had become of it came to mind and my lips curled into a small smile. The words ‘cowboy up’ echoed in my memories and reminded me to never give up, learn from your mistakes, and to find the value in your hard work. Though I wasn’t born in the countryside, or even…show more content…
Failure is a part of life, and you can either make the best out of it or allow it to defeat you. The majority of people I have met were brought up with the illusion that being first is the only way to win. When the ‘winners’ fail they find themselves making excuses, and refusing to believe that they could do any wrong. What they don’t understand is that failure is not a bad thing like they believe. Failure is the most profitable experience an individual can have. I, for one, find that my failures humble me, and push me to become better. Failure is simply an opportunity for growth. It’s time to cowboy up, accept that your not perfect, and grow from your
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