Narrative Essay On Normal Life

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A lot of people don’t know my story and what I have been through. I really don’t have anything to compare it too. I have never felt anything like this before. I don’t like the way that I feel. I want to go back to a normal life. But, what is normal now? How do you go back to living a normal life when someone unexpectedly is taken from you. I can’t eat, I can’ sleep. I feel like I’m in a daze all day. I neglect my family, my kids, my job. I’m angry one day and sad the next. I’m feeling hopeless and I don’t know what to do. I just want my life back. Today started out like just any normal day. It was beautiful day on June 21, 2016. I had worked the nightshift and was heading home to go fishing with my husband and daughter. My other…show more content…
My daddy called and said he was getting ready to be discharged. He had no clue on what had happened. We didn’t want to tell him over the phone because he was there all by himself. So my younger brother and I said we would go and maybe see if a chaplain there could assist us in breaking the news. When we arrived my brother went to find a chaplain. I went in and sat with my daddy and he was so happy to get to come home. So I got his stuff together and when my brother and chaplain arrived we broke the news. My daddy was in disbelief, he didn’t know what to say. We all just sat there in silence. We have never experienced anything like this before. We arrived home and it was overwhelming. My priority now was making sure that my parents were ok. We have a huge family with a lot of support. I never left my parents side. There was a lot that needed to be done to bring my brothers body home. My daddy is not big on emotion, so I’m guessing I developed that trait from him. He was trying to stay busy and be strong for my mother. About three days later my daddy told my mother that he felt like it was getting ready to hit him that my brother was gone. He said he was going to need a lot of people around him. The very next day he started to have a mental breakdown. He couldn’t even feed himself and barely could walk. He ended up back in the hospital but not for that reason, the doctors said he had pneumonia, which was a shock. His mental status got a lot worse, he cried and cried. All he kept saying was ”they’re bringing my son home in a box.” The doctors said that he was going to need a lot of therapy. On Monday June 27th my daddy was discharged from the hospital. I actually went home for the very first time since by brother passed that night, but I wished I never did. My daddy passed away the very next, a week after my brother had
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