Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up As A Child

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My problem started when I was a ripe young age of 12. Young and innocent I was who adored and loved food. Unfortunately, I was a child with a very low metabolism rate, which means I was always on the heavy side. Growing up in an Indian family, we always believed that tall and slim is beautiful. I grew up chubby and it eventually led to me being overweight because of the lack of intervention from the people around me. The fact that my body was considered as ugly, allowed me too eventually to go down the path of a Bulimic. Before you start to feel sorry for me, let me tell you of my journey in that situation, the recovery, and the struggles I still face today. When I was around 10 years of age, I loved spending time with my friends and I had a booming personality. Everyone would talk to me and I would enjoy flirting back. Communication and socialization was never a problem for me. I loved people. As I progressed in age, I gained more and more weight, and these people who are my friends and family started realizing it, and they would generously tell me what they thought about it. Harsh words! Malicious words! Relentless words! The community of people around me took the physical aspect of me and chose to use it to mock me. Teasing and isolation happened in school. No one thought that the stout girl could do…show more content…
I started being much more active in the church youth group, participating in Christmas plays and fund-raisers for the youth who are going for an international event, called, World Youth Day. The Holy Father himself is going to celebrate mass for all those present. I keep in mind that when the next one comes, I would be the first person to sign up. Whenever I am in church, I always thank the Lord for getting me through that time, and pray for the strength to keep it up. I read online about how many recovering Bulimics who are Catholic are moving on in their lives. And together we support each

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