How My Family Changed My Life

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I grew up in a big, caring and optimistic family. Even though every day was a struggle for my parents and my siblings, I never usually faced a tough situation without them until the day I saw how deprived my parents have become from having so much stress about the money we did not have. Ever since that day I began to lack self-confidence and I actually thought of myself unworthy of doing anything and never thought of myself of anything higher than being ugly to the world. It was this lack of confidence that led to my growth into an empowering individual with big goals and a high growth mindset. My family and I went through a lot of horrid situations and still manage to smile and have our moments and beat our economic stress with the love we have as a family. My parents moved to the United States after they had my second brother; although both of my parents managed to finish high school, they were never able to achieve a high paying job casting my mom to become a housewife and my father to take a low income job as a car mechanic. I am the second youngest of five children, but there are 13 people currently living in our household. My grandfather has to be taken care…show more content…
I am always the first to help any teacher with school events, as well as social events that churches put together and also go to the pet adoption center in grand prairie. I wish to volunteer more with families that are poor or homeless because I really like helping people feel better, this is one of the reasons that fall in my decision to become a doctor. When other people feel the need to not help others all because they are a stranger or do not fall into their social standards. I have always enjoy reading, talking, teaching and just making them company. This will help me with my doctoral dreams by teaching me the how to face families who are in a mournful situations by bringing them the overall company that will be cherished and taken as a good
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