Narrative Essay About Teenage Girls

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He was your typical teenage boy that came from a broke family. He came from a family where he watched his dad bang up his mom when she was pregnant with his little sister, he watched his dad not come home for days, and he watched as a young boy his family fall apart day by day. He grew up in low income apartments, hardly ate a meal everyday. He grew up in the streets and he wanted to be like those gang banger kind of people. By the age of 10 he had already ran around the city with the gang and he was already doing and consuming everything they were. He wanted more for himself then just the stereotypical “you’re going to grow up exactly like your dad” but how was he supposed to know the difference? His mom never pushed him to go to school or…show more content…
I am the type of girl that prefers guy friends over girl friends any day of the week, and i never did anything with them. They treated me like one of them. They talked to me and messed around if i was one of them. They treated me like a sister, they gave me what i wanted and took me everywhere even when they had girlfriends they would pick me over them any day. And one day, one day i just stopped talking to them and stopped answering their phone calls. Just opened their text messages.
We had been fighting so much lately like an old married couple and i knew it wasn’t healthy but i wanted to make it work. I didn’t lose everything for nothing. I didn’t lose the friends that made me feel like i was someone for no reason, i didn’t lose all my parents trust for nothing. I became so stressed i lost 25 pounds in a month. I weighed 100 pounds.
We finally worked things out but then one night when the wind was howling he just randomly showed up to my house and asked to talk. We walked down my steep stairs into my room left untouched from this morning. We talked and talked about unnecessary things, and when i asking him to leave because i had family over he did the unthinkable. Something i thought he never do before something i knew would probably happen but i hoped it wouldn’t. He had punched me..
Dropped in actually, he swung so hard he fell on the
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