Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up Wrestling

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Growing up Wrestling “I hate wrestling” at least that is what I felt about this sport before I started wrestling Freestyle Greco-Roman. I first started Freestyle in 6th grade and I did amazing that year. My friend Hunter’s Dad was my coach at the time. I went all the way to nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah. I ended up finishing 8th all-American. Folk style was a different story I first started this type of wrestling in 3rd grade. I wasn’t even going to Dolgeville School yet I was going to Oppenheim and my Dad signed me up. I moved to Dolgeville over the summer and I still go to Dolgeville till this day. I wanted to quit several times before sixth grade. I took two years off from Freestyle. Then varsity started for me over the summer because I had wrestling camp. The…show more content…
That summer I placed 3rd in Freestyle and Greco and that was on the first tournaments that I had wrestled Greco. Freestyle had improved my wrestling greatly after that summer season. I did football in the fall. The modified team was huge the team had at least 60 kids on the team. We finished the season not to well with many losses and little wins. Then my 2nd year of varsity started in 9th grade. This had been my most successful year so far. I do not know why I did so good this however, it had been my hardest. I went from being 110 pounds to 99 pounds at the beginning of the year and it became harder and harder to maintain my weight due to the fact that I had grown about an inch in the middle of the season. I had placed 1st in class D and 3rd in sectionals and I was the first alternate for states. This means that if one kid in my weight class didn’t make weight I would be wrestling in his spot. I never got to wrestle but it was a good thing because I wouldn’t have been able to make weight. After the normal season ended I gained 20 pounds in three
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