Personal Narrative-Halloween In Nepal

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“Halloween in Nepal. Huh.” I grinned and pulled the material of my letter-men jacket tightly around my slender frame, bouncing on the tips of my boots. The glass door slid open, and darkness enveloped us as we followed the candle lit path to the back of the building. “Seems legit”, I whispered to my brother as we tiptoed cautiously along, glaring at the shadows and following the sound of loud thudding bass. Pretty soon we came to the tennis courts, and I couldn’t keep my eyes from widening. The whole place jerked to the rhythm of a dark song, and a line of short ghouls, witches, and the occasional Gryffindor trailed off to the right. Eagerly I jumped into line, watching in anticipation as each child’s face was transformed into a monster of…show more content…
As we pulled out Neyha and her friends piled candy on me, since I was “too old” to trick-or-treat. I was definitely thankful, but I felt like I’d stolen their loot, so as they left together in their car I waved enthusiastically, even going so far as to make a heart as we passed them. The result was so instantaneous and crazy that I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. They all started freaking out and bounced up and down, poking each other and waving back until they turned down the road and into the night. I settled back into my seat with a grin, watching as the local people’s mouths dropped open like fish upon seeing my face, causing me to smirk.
The walk back home was rather hilarious as people would just stare at me horrified. At last we collapsed back onto the couches. Well everyone except me. I was still high on the adrenaline rush from singing hours ago, and my mouth didn’t close until my family went to bed and shut the door. I hardly got any sleep, candy and adrenaline from my performance keeping me up late into the night. It was a milestone moment I was sure, and I was going to remember it my whole life. My eyes finally closed, the imprint of a microphone seared onto my
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