Personal Narrative Essay: Hiking The Disney Trail

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The Climb
I remember thinking oh, this will be easy it is probably not steep at all and will only take a few minutes. Well, I was wrong that’s for sure.
Over the summer my family decided to hike the Disney Trail, we would go all the way up and all the way back down and we thought, well it is probably easy. There were about 10 sights before we got to the final top one, and about every sight we would stop like it was the top. It went on and on and on. We were about half way up and had stopped a bunch, at least 3 people pasted us, and we were out of breath this shows how unfit we are. I tried to get a little ahead to catch my breath, but nooo I couldn’t I had to stay with the family, that is what my dad said.
“Are we there yet,” my brother said with a big breath in between each word.
“No, don’t start that,” my mom cried with a
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Luckily we have cold and hot water so I was able to take a long shower with hot water and it felt so good to be clean again.
When we finally got to the bottom I was so excited to sit in a car with air conditioning, but then realized that we took my dad’s truck that does not have air so we had all the windows rolled down. I think that know since I have already hiked that trail I would be able to do it without having to stop so many times.
After that I realized to never think ahh… this will be easy or nah I can do this really quick or this isn’t steep I am fine. Because that is the hardest hiking trail I have ever been on. I cannot even imagine running that I could barely walk it. Some people had weights on their feet then again no, no, no that is the last thing I would want to do. I want to do that trail again to see how long it would take me, but I now know next time to bring a bag if I am going to take a water bottle or snack. And bring a snack.
Also I know that I need to get in shape especially if I am going to do that trail

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