Personal Narrative: My Parents Are Immigrants In The United States

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My parents are immigrants from Mexico, they came here in search of the American dream. In the United States, they found each other. They came here with nothing and with that the motivation grew to succeed, to become everything they searched for. I have always known my father to be the most hard-working person I have ever encountered and my mother as well. My parents are an exquisite team. Although, they have drowned themselves in drudgery, in the US you cannot get far without an education. It has always been over-time and double shifts for them, and this is the reason I will succeed. I will succeed because I have seen them struggle to give me everything I have and everything I am today. They have always shown me how hard life is without an education. They push me to work harder and harder. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing good enough because I never get recognition for all the good I am doing. I am the first of this family to graduate high school and I will be the first to have a college degree. I have my parents to thank for this. I have desired to be understood by…show more content…
They wanted me to be what they wished to be. Suyan Woo wanted her daughter to be everything she couldn’t be. She brought all her hope and it lied in the US. Jing-Mei woo begun to realize what I had realized too. They just wanted the best. Although Jing-Mei realized this a bit too late, Jing-mei and her mother have never had the perfect relationship, but eventually her mother came to her senses. Suyan Woo, a few years before her death decides to bring June a piano. She brings this piano as kind of a sign of love and acceptance. June accepts this offering and sees it as a peace offering. June thinks her family will finally be whole. June writes this story after the death of her mother. June finally understands that she caused her mother so much sadness, when she told her she wished her
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