Personal Narrative Essay: Hunting Of My Grandfather

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The heritage of hunting has been around for about 2 million years. Our ancestors hunted, and they have passed it down all the way to us. Our ancestors hunted for food and for furs that were used for clothing and warmth. Many people today still hunt for food to live off of. Everyone has different ancestors, and they have all adapted to their own style of hunting. My family has hunted for a very long time and everyone was taught a different way. The style of hunting of my Grandpa is different from my Dad’s style of hunting, and mine will be different from both of theirs. My uncles and my Dad shoot from tree stands while my Grandpa shoots from a ground blind. It’s really interesting to see how family traditions impact hunting styles of various hunters.…show more content…
I had never showed an interest in hunting until last year my cousin was in an elective called Outdoor Education and he got really excited about hunting. He talked me into going to camp with him to sit with him in his stand. As we were sitting in the stand a deer came across our path, I sat back staying a quiet as possible while he got ready to shoot. Finally the deer got in perfect range and he shot. I had never been in a stand before so you could imagine the excitement that was I was feeling. My uncle was near by and heard the shot and came over to help. I learned a lot that day about how to properly field dress, and process the deer. Once we go the deer home, we made homemade sausages, steaks, burger, and jerky. My personal favorite is the burger. My Dad makes amazing chili out of it. I really enjoyed taking part in this family tradition and I can’t wait to harvest a deer of my

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