Personal Narrative Essay: I Love A Horse

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I love my horse, so much that sometimes it seems like he may even be the center of my life. I find it hard to imagine anyone having a horse and not loving it or being scared of it. But there was once a time when my little sister, Carrie, was scared to ride her horse and would not ride any other horses either. It all started on a warm summer day, my family and I were out for a ride on our horses, we stopped at a neighbor’s house to visit, and their youngest daughter Makenna wanted to ride along. Since they did not have their own horse and she was too young to ride alone, they let her ride with me. She sat in front of me in the saddle, and we proudly rode the best horse that we owned around the yard. After setting up plans for Makenna's parents…show more content…
Carrie’s horse, Patch, threw her while she was trying to get off. No sooner had Carrie hit the ground before he was off and running about. We knew it would be pointless to try and catch him in this weather, for it had started sprinkling and the horses were still frantically pacing, but we would eventually try anyway. He started running in circles in a nearby meadow. My dad took hold of a few of the other horses so my mom could tend to Carrie, because after Patch threw her she had hit the ground, could not breath, and had almost got trampled by him. Mom helped Carrie up, made sure she was going to be alright, and then after knowing that Carrie would be fine, she went to catch Patch. The rest of us: dad, Amy, Carrie, Makenna and I, stood by watching as mom attempted to slowly walk up to the running horse. He slowed, but he was still skiddish, and she reached for his lead rope. When mom had caught Patch, she returned to us to help lead horses home, so dad handed over a horse for her to lead home. Mom now led two horses, dad also led two, and Amy led one. While they started leading the horses, Carrie, Makenna, and I nervously followed. All that was left for us to do next was to walk that? half mile home in the

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