Personal Narrative: My Faults And Accidents

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Everyone has had faults and accidents in the past, making many emotions some of which are laughter, happiness, sadness, and sometimes regret. Then you ask yourself “If it was worth it ?” or “Why did i do that ?”, then you look into your faults and fails deeper and realive that feeling, most times laughing it off because it’s silly to you now. You can become melancholy to the fact that you embarrassed yourself in that moment, the other feeling could be the wishing of not doing that or that you would’ve done something else. One of those emotions out of laughter, happiness, sadness, and sometimes regret. I had regret and that 's very common in my case.
When I was in Texas as a younger, a skinny, small, and shy kid, I didn’t really have a lot of friends but I was very outgoing and silly which was the start of my down fall. It was during the winter time but since it’s in Texas it wasn’t freezing just
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As im headed there i get this dizzy but nonchalaunt feeling in my head it feel like a big deal to me so i had thought it was nothing. At this point in time as a kid i got very nervous in crowded places so as i walked in the cafeteria i see everyone at the tables talking and conversing but i get the shy nervous feeling again, this time it’s in my stomach but i keep it together and continue to walk towards the line. I grab my food then i go and sit by my small group of friends, we talked for a while then it was time to go to class. Skipping to noon, i start to feel a weird, sickness, off kind of feeling that keeps on for a while. I trying to get through the feeling but i couldn’t. So i got up to ask my teacher if i could go to the nurse but i think i had gotten up to fast and i felt nauseated, i tried rushing as quickly to get to the teacher only making it to the front of the classroom but that had made things worse my stomach had felt like i dropped and me with it as is curled up into a ball on my knees, tears start to come to my eyes and i try
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