Personal Narrative Essay: It Is A Normal Day

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It was just another normal day. Waking up to the vociferous screams of fury that punctuated the silence of my apartment, I surveyed my surrounding blearily, dismissing the screams in its entirety. My neighbours were at it again. Morbidly, I could not help but wonder if they were ever going to kill each other. After all, murder was so common nowadays since the charges never seemed to stick. Stretching slowly, I rose from my bed as I began to get ready for school. Then, once I was prepared, I grabbed my bag. Finally, I donned my shoes before quietly slipping out of my home to begin my daily stroll to school. As I ambled along the garbage ridden road, I could not help but falter when I noticed children huddled together to keep warm. The children…show more content…
Looking impassively at the chaos happening around me, I briefly closed my eyes before walking briskly towards my class. Grimacing slightly at the blood on the floor outside my classroom, I scanned my surroundings only to see two of my classmates surrounding one of my friends. They were screaming at her as they let loose a barrage of livid words, their faces red with primal, ineffable rage. As they spewed out obscenities, one of them pulled out a knife before bringing it down—again and again. With each frenzied stab, my friend screamed, agony warping her voice until all it resembled was the deranged howling of a mad…show more content…
She was a fool. The students surrounding her whispered in discontent, annoyed at her interruption. The duo paused momentarily before jeering at her. Roughly pushing her aside, they brutally kicked her in the stomach causing her to slide backwards. Then, turning away, they continued to pummel my friend mercilessly. Shaking my head slightly, I left the scene. The girl was naive, a light in this cruel world. She was simply too good for this world. Maybe once upon a time, many would have rallied to her cry and helped stopped the bullies.

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