Personal Narrative: Mia's First Day Of School

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It is Mia's first day of school and she is a freshman at _________. She is extremely nervous and scared for her first day. She's always been kind of quiet and only had a few friends and the whole idea of high school frightens her. It is 5:45 A.M. and Mia's alarm is going off she rolls over and hits snooze. Then when it goes off again at 6:00 A.M. her mom comes in. "MIA GET UP IT'S YOUR FIRST DAY." Mia's mom exclaims. " But mom I don't manna go." Mia whines. " It's going to be okay now get up before your late." Mia's mom said. "Fine." Mia sighs. She gets up and gets ready for school in a rush not wanting to be late. " Ugh mom this is going to be the worst day ever!" Mia exclaims. Mia walks into the kitchen to see her mom and dad waiting for her to drive her to school. "…show more content…
"Let's go before your late." Her mom suggested. "Okay I want to get this day over with." Mia sighed. They left the house and drove off in their BMW. Mia checks her phone and see's that her best friend Lily texted her. Lily has been her best friend since first grade and she moved away at the end of middle school to California because her mom got a job promotion. "Mom I really wish Lily was still here I don't know what to do without her." Mia whined. " You can make new friends, you have been friends with Lily for a long time. Maybe some new friends would be good for you." Her mom explained. " I guess." Mia mumbled. They pulled into the parking lot at the school and she looked around and saw so many people that she knew but had never talked to. " Well , here goes nothing." She said as she got out of the car.

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