Personal Narrative Essay: It's Like A Box

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It’s like a box. Something where once you get in, you can never get back out. It just traps you inside and never let you out ever again. When you’re inside, all you see is darkness. You will be able see thing, but only some. Some that make you want to go back to the past, some that will make you happy, and some that will make you the worst you have ever been. The box has everything. It has it all. The happiness, the sadness, the relief, and the anger.
I’ve tried to escape. I’ve constantly tried to escape the box. Sometimes more successful than others, but I’ve never been able to get out. It silences you. It silences your voice, your opinions, and everything you’ve wanted to scream and shout out at others to let them know you are desperately in need for help. Sometimes, it’s successful, and someone turns to look in your direction. However, the box knows, it knows you’re trying to get help, so it decides to lock you up again in the darkness and mask up the darkness with the bright outside. The helping hand will then turn away, seeing the bright box, and think that nothing is wrong with the things inside. When in reality, I, the person inside the box, is being slowly swallowed up by the darkness. Sometimes,
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The other thing is that, only I can see it, and only I can get inside the box. This box is special, although it has its own mind, it does not follow me, to school, or to any public places. I don’t see the box anywhere else, only when I’m at home, I see the box. Sometimes, I think that the box is just a concept, it’s just something in my head that I get rid of when I’m outside. I think that it’s just an illusion, only something I have access to. It’s all an illusion, until I get inside the box. All of a sudden, everything just goes from being so surreal to being the painful reality. This is when I realize the box is a real, existing thing. It’s not just a concept in my

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