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Bursting through the surface of refreshing ice cold water, you feel as if you came back to life, but hear you are staring straight ahead at mother natures home, but you have to be careful because like every home there will always be one insect or little creatures lurking around this beautiful natural made home. As you 'll recover from stumbling over rocks. You pick yourself back up, and continue the journey. Kloofing is an amazing experience it may be tough but, you will get through it. This experience was truly a memorable one and one that I won 't ever forget especially since it something that I can 't undo..... Sadly.
I noticed the beautiful scenery as I slipped over a couple of rocks and realized I can 't keep on daydreaming, We stopped
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For some reason I couldn 't get that out of my head and was traumatized. We continued our journey, I 'm still thinking about how I bit down and felt moosh burst through the gaps between my teeth. I was fortunate to find away to get over it every 10 seconds I would dunk my head in some ice cold water. If that didn 't work I would drink some of the water because it was unpolluted. That was good to do because I could refresh my mouth with the lush of cold water. Hey but at least I 'm not scared of spiders.
So for one thing a life lesson in general make sure you face your fears cause one days you might be in the situation where you’ll have to face them. For me I probably had one of my biggest fears do a whole lot more than just stare at me but instead that little creature flew into my mouth. So for anyone else that also would sound terrible to you, but for me I would rather have that happen than not at all because although it scarred me. I can now say I’m not scared of spiders.and that I got over my fears. I do wish it happened it a different way, but at least I got over
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