Personal Narrative Essay: Let's Be Fair

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Let’s be Fair Okay so I'm not really going to start off with Once Upon a time, I’m going to get straight to the point I am 30 years old, no husband, no kids, 2 cats named Kitty and Fluffy, and no job because apparently I act like a child and have no manners just because I painted the shop bright pink as if that was going to do any harm if anything I made that shop look new because boring old grey wasn't doing the store any good but honestly it's not even my fault I didn't know you had to ask the manager to upgrade the store I was just trying to surprise him and I guess that worked because when he walked in his eyes opened so wide and his face got really red he fired me on the spot. Aside all of that I just needed to get a life that…show more content…
I was not about to let this class make me seem like I was some kind of Grinch who stole their christmas so I told the girls to stand up and go the right side of the room and the guys to the left they looked a little more interested in what I was doing I stood in between both the girls and the boys and said “come to the middle if your answer to my question is a yes. okay question one I like drawing and being creative” 27 of my students walked to the middle. They walked back and then I asked the second question “who is happy to be here” and only 2 students walked to the middle. “Okay then this is the last question who is happy to be in my class” all stayed exactly where they were and nobody moved. These kids aren't even acting like kids they're acting like a bunch of zombies that weren't even infected with any type of disease or chemical they were just naturally bummed out. And you know me being as fun as I was I have to be serious sometimes so the next day I gave everyone a sheet of paper and told them all to wring 3 reasons why they weren't so happy to be in my class and school I told them they had 15 minutes to finish and five minutes after I sat down all of them were done I couldn't believe that they knew exactly what they
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