Personal Narrative Essay: Life After High School

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Life after High School for many students can be a confusing and difficult time. There are many options one could take after obtaining a High School diploma, such as pursuing higher education for a degree, exploring alternatives to education during a “gap year,” or entering the workforce immediately after High School. My personal individual plans for life after High School consist of attending college and pursuing a degree in Psychiatry. First of all, there have been influences in my personal life that have led to my decision of pursuing college right after High School. A personal influence of mine is my own personal struggles with clinical depression for over four years, this detail of my life has caused me to believe that I should make something of myself and do good for those who have suffered like myself. Among other reasons, the very field of Psychiatry has also shaped my path to college…show more content…
Some fears and concerns regarding life after High School that have come to mind are how difficult the school work will be and how much of a toll it will have on me, how I will make time for my studies, hobbies, friends and family, and etc. Attending college may make it so time is an issue, however as the article “Why Go To College?” claims, “A college education can challenge you to explore and broaden your interests, attain your goals and meet some of the best friends you’ll ever have” (4). Although attending college will have its difficulties, it is deliberately challenging and can be very beneficial and positive. It is important that when making any decision whether it being personal, in regards to life choices, or whatever else to always consider benefits and disadvantages. College personally has more benefits that outweigh its disadvantages and thus the reason that I will push my fears and concerns aside and continue on to achieving my
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