Personal Narrative Essay: Life After Hockey

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Jay was shooting lacrosse balls at a target, Lacrosse was his second favorite sport after hockey. Usually he would shoot to get better but this time he was shooting at his anger. What did he do to deserve this, school had just ended and spring lacrosse had just started. But this season jason couldn’t play because of his knee. He had been skiing at his family 's cabin in the cabin and torn his meniscus. Now he was in a partly mobile leg brace for 8 months and sadly that eight months went just a bit too far into his lacrosse season. Able and Mess (Jay best friends) walked up to him.
“want to go to the lake!?,” Mess yelled from across the field
“sure, Whatever!,” I reply
As we walk down the short dirt road a big truck roared past us Driven by none other than Peter 's older brother Jack. Peter was the school football captain, jock and was dating the lead cheerleader. Classic! He was also a total mean kid to Jay, it could be because Jay had skipped a grade.
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“Why!?” Able yelled after the truck “now the first day of from school is ruined,” I agree, couldn’t get worse Jay thought.
Jay and Able dragged the canoe from the trees while Mess spied on the jocks, But when the canoe was fully uncovered there was a huge problem. the whole thing was covered in spray paint and it looked horrible. Jay and Able were furious, the three of them had worked at starbucks for a year to save up for the canoe and small electric motor that they had bought. When mess got back she exploded and ran towards the jocks hang out which was on the only beach on the lake, but she didn’t get far before a voice startled her out of her rage.
“Like the new paint job?” Peter said in a false questioning voice. “I’m sorry, this lake is only for cool kids who are not nerds and little lovebirds,” he said looking at Mess.
“How about you go and let us have just one good summer.. For once!” Mess
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