Personal Narrative Essay: Little Caesars

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When I was 8 years old, every Sunday we would usually go out to eat. My parents ask Gonzalo, my little brother, and I what we wanted to eat. We both were craving some cheesy pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars. So my parents took us to Janesville which is the only place Little Caesars was at. Little Caesars was inside of Kmart and that's where my family mostly goes for pizza. My parents started to order and told us we have to wait for 15 minutes for the food to be ready. I just want pizza. My brother and I was getting bored so we started to chase at each other at the store. My parents got mad because we weren't with them and was starting to scream at us. “Gonzalo and Rene where are you” My mom said. “I don’t know go find us” Gonzalo said. My brother and I started hiding away from my parents until the point we got scared being alone and ran to our parents. I'm always with my parents when I was little and always wanted their attention. We still have 10 minutes till the food would be ready so my brother and I started to play tag. I was “it” and was chasing down my little brother. I saw him the middle of the hallway and right away I started to chase him. Sadly, my…show more content…
My little brother was looking at me really weirdly and was just looking at my head. I was still really hungry and all I wanted was food: pizza, cheese bread, and breadsticks. My stomach was just growling like a bear roar. 15 minutes later we finally reach the hospital and thank god I finally was able to stop hearing my mom screaming at me. My parents took me to the emergency room and a nurse took me to a room. There was some blood on my head, but it was mostly on my body. The doctor came into my room and ask me question about what happen. After that I was sitting down on this chair and was starting to give me stitches on my head. I had two medium sized cuts, but the doctor told me not to worry about
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