Personal Narrative Essay: Major League Baseball

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It was the last inning of the 2020 Jr baseball finals; the winner would be declared the champions of the west region of the United States of America. The opposing team was one point ahead and Augustin’s team had one player on first base and another on second. Augustin sat on the bench next to his two best friends, Susan and Sam. They sat there for a while waiting for their turn to bat and not before long their team had received a strikeout. The kid who stuck out was a scrawny kid with glass who looked as if he was going to cry under the pressure of the game. Augustin briskly turned toward him and said “Don’t worry we’ll win this one” with a slight nod. The boy looked up at him and smiled and then sat down. Not too long after that Susan was up to bat.…show more content…
She said she did this as a good luck charm but really she was trying to annoy Augustin with the sharp noise it produced. Augustin’s response to the noise was to roll his eyes and just ignore it. Just as Augustin’s attention was focused on Susan again, the ball had just flung passed her and hit the fence. Augustin then realized that the stress of the tied championship game had gotten to her. At this point Susan was visibly quivering. The pitcher saw this as an opportunity to get another strike. Susan now on her last chance to redeem herself stopped shaking. As the pitcher started to propel the ball through the air, Augustin knew that Susan would smash this next ball at full force. Susan had hit the ball with the force of a grown woman even though she was only fourteen. Augustin observed Susan run to first base and then diverted his eyes to the ball, it has been
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