Personal Narrative Essay: Making My Old Grandmother's House

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This weekend I had a pretty interesting journey. I decided to put my old grandmother`s house in order and make myself a weekend getaway. This healthy lifestyle has really grown on me and once I think of my old habits, I don`t want to come back. This weekend, next on my list, taking care of that small garden behind the house. I was so excited, my list counted numerous plants, but it didn`t even dawn on me that there are some “rules” to be followed, some policy that we need to respect.
Don`t mix potatoes and tomatoes
I had never thought that I would use this sentence literally. A neighbor was kind enough to explain that even though my garden is small and not that spacious, I needed to be extra careful about how I organize my garden. Seriously!?
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Sun factor: some plants are sun lovers and other will be just fine under the shade. Take this factor into consideration, especially if you have limited soil to work with. Plant which grow tall, may affect the smaller, bushy plants and that will affect their growth. For example, you can plant pumpkins and corn together, because both plants are related in their growth, both plants require sunlight in their early growth, however once they fully mature, pumpkins will fully benefit the shade which the corn creates.
4. Plants that don`t grow together:
-Tomatoes and potatoes: even though these plants belong to the same family, they simply don`t grow well next to each other. When planted together, the potato loses its ability to defend itself from blight. This infections spreads very fast and it can even be transferred to neighbor gardens. In order to avoid catastrophe like this, plant the vegetables separately.
- Cauliflower and cabbage: The reason why these plants don`t grow together is similar to one of the potatoes and tomatoes. They get infected by something known as club root. These disease as you can guess the root and the plants are unable to take up water and the only cure is to remove both plants with roots and everything. The same happens with tomatoes and

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