Personal Narrative Essay: Master Cake

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Danny’s class was having a show and tell day. Danny couldn’t wait to show Copy to everyone and tell them all about her.
“Danny, don’t feed any sweets to Copy!” Master Cake shouted from the kitchen.
Danny stopped his search for Copy and asked, “Why not?”
“Sweets aren’t for cats.” Master Cake explained for the millionth time, whishing Danny would understand, how bad sweets were for animals.
Danny sighed and called, “Copy, hurry up, or we’ll be late!” He heard a noise behind him and turned around in time to see Copy meow loudly and leaped onto one of Master Cake’s freshly baked giant cupcakes.
“There goes breakfast.” Danny sighed and went to pull her off the cupcake, before she ate it all. Copy dove into the cupcake, sending frosting flying in
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She jumped into student laps, clung to their socks and when she was sent flying, held on tightly to the colorful backpacks, climbed the ribbons on girl’s hairs and hid inside caps.
Danny dashed through the crowd of scared students, trying to grab for Copy. She was too fast for Danny. Instead of grabbing hold of her, Danny ended up yanking girl’s pony tails, ribbons, tripping on student’s feet and got a face full of tuna sandwich from a flying lunch bag.
“Copy, stop!” Danny shouted over all the noise.
Copy meowed loudly, turning into a cat again, but didn’t stop. Instead, she flew of a girl’s head and landed on Mrs. Apple Bottom’s feather hat.
“Oh no, I’m in so much trouble.” Danny whimpered.
“Get this cat off me!” Mrs. Apple Bottom shouted.
A huge ostrich feather tickled Copy’s nose and she pawed at it.
Danny broke free from the crowd of giggling students. “Here, kitty-kitty.” He called in a soft voice.
Copy looked at him, meowed once then went back to pawing at the feather.
Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew the hat off Mrs. Apple Bottom’s head.
Copy meowed loudly and held tightly to the wildly spinning hat.
The hat spun crazily through the air, through a window and crashed into Danny’s
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“Copy, get off!” shouted Danny in a muffled voice.
Copy started to meow, but turned into a mouse once again. Squeaking loudly, jumped off Danny’s face and disappeared back into the classroom.
“Not the art supplies!” Hammy cried out, watching with wide eyes as Copy sent paint brushes, pallets, cups and tubs of paint tumbling down from the art supplies closet.
Determined to put a stop to Copy’s misbehaving, Danny dashed into the closet, slid on a paint brush and went tumbling down.
Pain sprayed free from paint tubes, flying in the air like rainbows and covering Danny and Copy.
Struggling to stand up, Danny elbowed a tub of beads. He slid like a squirrel walking on acorns and bumped into everything inside the closet, looking more like a pinball than a boy.
Feathers, seeds and glitter showered down on him, while Copy pounced on the top shelves, sending yarn and balls of fell flying, all falling on Danny and sticking to him.
“What’s going on?” Danny’s teacher shouted. Leaning.
The magic of the cupcake Copy had eaten earlier wore off suddenly and letting out a loud meow, Copy fell on top of Danny’s head.
With the help of Sussi, Danny got up and walked out of the
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