Personal Narrative Essay: Middle School

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I had waited till the last second. I was going to blow any second now. I can’t believe I let Jack use the bathroom before me! He needed to go, and I was trying to be nice. Screw being nice! I need a potty! This reminds me of the first time, and I’m really hoping nothing will happen if I go into another bathroom. I still feel haunted from my first experience. Ploop. I could hear the sound of wrinkling as I hastily grabbed the toilet paper. Ploop. Ploop. Crinkle. I shuddered. I can’t think of those memories right now. I have to focus on getting out of this room! Mrs. Owens was at her desk working like everyone else in the classroom, excluding me! It was impossible to do so in a situation like this. I saw Natalia look at me. “Are you okay?” she…show more content…
My mouth spoke opposingly. “No, I’m fine Mrs. Owens!” I turned towards the door and saw that Jack had returned. Oh, why was he taking forever to sign in? When he finally went back to his seat, I ran towards the door and sloppily signed out. As I ran down the fifth grade hallway, I searched for the closest bathroom. Despite my earlier fears, I disregarded the bathroom signs completely in my quest for satisfaction. After the insufferable process, I started to wash my hands. Suddenly I started to notice something off about the setting. Why did it smell better? Why were there mini garbage cans inside each stall? Where were the urinals?! Oh. No. I can’t be caught in here! I immediately walked to the door and turned the knob, but of course it didn’t budge! Just my luck. In the span of 10 minutes I allowed myself to 1) get locked in a bathroom, and 2) get locked in a girl’s bathroom! Of all the stupid situations I’ve gotten into, this is most likely an all time low. I loudly banged on the doors in high hopes that someone would hear me, before I quickly stopped when realizing the consequences of a person like me being found in a place like this! I sat down and leaned against the wall, awaiting
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