Personal Narrative Essay: Montgomery Driver's Rights Violation

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Then after these questions we ended up on US-31 patrolling for speeders, which is where Deputy Montgomery pulled over two other drivers. When pulling over the first, a woman in a grey Toyota, while originally pulling her over for going 15 miles over the speed limit, he noticed that had improperly displayed her license plate with it being just taped to the rear window of the car. Then after scanning her driver’s license, he noticed that she failed to also change her address as well. After looking over the violations, at first I thought she would receive at ticket with that many warnings, which to my surprise she only received three warnings. The next stop however, had me extremely nervous until we finally let the driver go. While driving on US-31, we noticed a car…show more content…
Were the nervousness started was as we were pulling her over, she turned into a private property where no one could see easily see what was going on, second, and more frightening was when after stopping, she exited her car with a very angry look on her face and began walking what I though was towards Deputy Montgomery, which at first I thought that she was about to attack Deputy Montgomery. While keeping my eyes focused on her, I heard Montgomery shouting at her to get back in her car, which after a few seconds she then complies and gets back into her car. After Montgomery returned to the car with her information, he decides that with her actions and violations, to give her a ticket for the unsafe lane change, and two warnings for speeding, failure to use a turn signal. Then after leaving her, Montgomery received a message though the cars laptop, stating that the last driver had just gave a complaint to the sheriff’s department not even 10 minutes after we left. After saying that the complaint would lead to nothing, he proceeded back towards Greenwood so we could meet up with other deputy’s for
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