Personal Narrative Essay: Moving Away From Home

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He knew moving away from home was not a good idea. His mother definitely knew that her little boy moving away from home, her, and everything that he knew and loved was not just a “not good” idea, it was a horrible one. So she was trying to get him to stop. Yet he was leaving for the other side of the country anyways. William didn 't know why he felt such a strong urge to move to a little island off of New Jersey, and even though his mother was upset and didn 't want him to, she still taught him to always follow his gut instinct. So he was, and William knew trusting what his intuition was telling him to do was going to be a bad idea. He didn 't know anyone, he didn 't have a job or a place to live, he only had $200 to his name and he had never even been outside of California before in his life. All odds were against him. Yet he bought the one way ticket and packed his bags preparing for the three day bus ride. That 's where he was now, waiting at the run down bus stop. There were stains on the walls and it smelled like old tortillas and that piminto and cheese dip his mother loved so much.. His mother was still upset and trying to change her son’s mind. It wasnt working. He was positive…show more content…
The fact the he finally will learn more was still surreal to william. It felt like him sitting behind the old woman who smelled of garlic and lemon scented cleaner on the humid bus wasn 't actually going to go to New Jersey. Maybe it would stop at the old pizza place where he would spend his saturdays with all of his friends, harassing the old man behind the counter who always called them “hooligans”. Or it could stop at the beach that he had been going to since he was a toddler, he did live just down the street after all; but the bus wasn 't going there. It was going to his new home, a new place. A place he didn 't have any memories in. Billy couldn 't figure out exactly what he was feeling. He was scared, nervous, excited, happy and a little nauseous from all of the
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