Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To A New School

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable, nervous, and confused ? These are all the things I felt moving to a new school. I had no idea if I would gain friends or if anyone would like me. Maybe if I had a tour around the new school before my first day I would have not been so disorientated. Going from a one story school to a two story school was hard, having to look down every five seconds to make sure I was on the right hall, or if I was suppose to be upstairs or downstairs. Bumping into people while looking down and asking multiple people for direction even though I was shy. Giving five minutes after each class to get to the other, walking into a classroom on my first day people staring and observing. Moving to a different town is not about the new house, it is about adapting to a new environment. Moving away from family and friends can be a tough thing to do. I had to adjust to leaving my friends and family that I loved and seen almost every day. When it was time for us to leave, I felt like I was leaving the world behind me. I was very heartbroken because, this is a place where I lived almost my whole life. I never imagined us picking up everything and leaving to relocate to another town. My emotions were getting the best of me, a lot was going through my young mind. As we were pulling off I remembered all the fun times I had with my friends and family in that house. I was moving 100 miles away from all of that, confused about what will lie ahead for the future. Driving down
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