Personal Narrative Essay: Muc At The Age Of Nine

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At the age of nine, you know the basics. The surroundings are shaping you for the future and your influences at this time are very important. At least that’s how it seemed for me, it was too late and for him, it was too late. Too late to undo, the event was now imprinted in the timeline of life and that was that.

The last time his presence would dance through the hallways throughout the house. Never again would we feel the things I did and till this day the want to once again absorb the feelings that come with and all he had to offer. Everyone seemed to lose something of themselves too, then I didn’t understand it all. An unexpected event that brought nothing close to the sight of satisfaction, being nine years of age made comprehending the situation nowhere as close as I wanted to be. June 16th was the day fate decided to deal some crime among life, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Imagine your entire life coming to a halt and as the days progressed as you stood stationary waiting for life to pull you into the current moment. Raging skies and a slight drizzle created the morning atmosphere and I gathered my school stuff before leaving the house. I lived around the corner so walking in the weather wasn’t a problem, as the morning went on the fall of the rain increased by the hour. I can’t remember
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The surroundings of the event had shaped my mind in a way to prepare me for life journey of life that I was walking through. My influences from the time no longer existed and that became a bookmark that would never leave my long-term memories. It was a different ride for me at the age of nine, He was nineteen the morning of that day and that evening was the last time he would age on this earth. The reason behind that shall remain undiscovered to my mind and eight years later I still struggle to understand why. Things happen for a reason some known and others not. I guess that’s just how life seemed at the age of

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