Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend In My House

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James was my best friend in the apartment complex I lived in. His mother and him lived in the

unit below the one my mother, brother and I lived in. There were only eight units in the building four

that were partly underground and four that were on the second floor. It was not a very nice building

the hallways were full of dirt and the walls were thin like paper from the hall I could here what the

neighbors were talking about without even being in the same room. Rent was cheap so the building

was lived in by people from lower paths of life. Five out of eight tenants were former junkies and two

had already been in prison. I spent every free moment with my friend James because he was the only

kid on our block that was normal his mother did have financial
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He pointed to the door of the apartment across the hall and said, “We have a report of

someone firing a weapon from the apartment, now what I need you boys to do is go to your apartment

upstairs and hide in the room farthest away from this apartment!” Only then did I realize the threat that

was being put on the building we turned off the television and went out the door. Looking down the

hall I could see one of the buildings residents running for the exit with his pregnant girlfriend. I put my

head door and ran with James right behind me. The carpet felt like cold nails under my feet and within

seconds we busted through the doorway of my apartment and with a startled look my brother and

mother asked us what was wrong. Almost tripping over my own words I told them, “Police here,

someone has a gun, hide in the backroom.” We all met in the farthest room from the front which was

the room my brother and I shared. My got in the bottom bed of our bunk bed and James my mother and

I sat on the floor. Once a few moments had past and I was able to catch my breath my mother

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