Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend Of A Horse

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My whole life I have grown up with horses. My best friend, on the other hand, has only been around them a few times and never ridden without assistance. She is more of a city girl and doesn’t find much comfort being around an animal of that size. This is the story of how one solo ride was her first but quickly became her last. One weekend we were looking for something to do. Something fun and different. A mutual friend of ours stopped by and asked if we would like to go horseback riding. I didn’t hesitate to say yes but Kortney took a little convincing. Once we talked her into it and assured her everything would be fine, we changed clothes and headed to the barn where the horses were located. The entire drive there Kortney is really focused…show more content…
I am super excited because it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to ride, Kortney seems nervous but determined. We make our way to where our horses are waiting for us. We see everyone beginning to saddle their horses and get ready for the ride. Off to the side by the barn are two horses, one for each of us. We immediately notice that our horses are total opposites. One is a short, fat Palomino named Buck who seems to be more interested in whatever he was chewing on at the moment than who we are or why we are there. The other was a tall, very spirited Paint Horse named Chief. Chief unlike Buck was more than ready to put the dirt under his hooves. The owner of these two horses decides to take chief to a round pin and work off some of his energy. He gets Chief into the round pin and there is nothing holding him back. He runs, bucks, kicks, and rears up. It was at this time that Kortney decided she wanted nothing to do with Chief, lucky me. We look over and see Buck standing there, head down eating grass without a care in the world. “I want that one” Kortney says, pointing at Buck. Knowing of her lack of horse experience, I agree to let her have Buck in hopes that she enjoys the ride and will want to do it more

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