Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream Vacation Place

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My dream vacation spot Have you ever longed for a remarkable place where you can be discarded from work, tasks and stress; an experience where you are permitted all the self-sufficiency that you so long. I habitually contemplate on my dream vacation spot. A place where the dusk crawls over the skyline, the mountains look through the mists, the palm trees welcome you with waving hands and the blend of the blasting sun, enticing precious stone blue sea and white coral sand invites you. An island that is said to be a "fantasy goal”. A mysterious place where you can discover a pool in a house and a bungalow on the shoreline. Bora is my fantasy excursion spot. The shorelines are as alleviating and unruffled as a child who nods off calmly in its mom 's arms. The ocean is jewelled blue with waves tenderly slamming along the shore, it appears to slither closer and nearer on its two feet as though they were imploring me to go along with them and play there immature diversions. I could feel the wind hurrying everywhere on my body, joined by the fragrance of sea salt which pregnant the air. Streaming down my toes is the searing sand that appears to need my unbroken consideration. The harmonious sound the seagulls make as if they were calling me to join them as they cruise through the cloudless sky. Bora Bora is so relaxing. I could take a tan in the emanating sun or sit underneath an umbrella while tasting on sweet coconut water. On the beaches are diminutive, mahogany

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