Essay On My Proudest Moment In My Life

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Layton. A small suburb located in the state of Utah. A place where your dreams become goals and your goals become accomplishments. I was 14 years old when I first picked up a club. I was a natural, I played as if I’ve been playing for months. My dad was shocked. He pushed me to keep practicing and encouraged me to work harder on myself; becoming stronger, more flexible, and accurate in my game. Little did I know that this was going to change my life. Pushing myself to be better each day, this made me feel very passionate about the game of golf. It brought distress, anger, fatigue, excitement, and joy. The first year of playing golf, it was difficult, learning the game was very time-consuming. Every day I was required to go to the golf course for at least four hours. First, I would practice chipping, then go to the shooting range for an hour, and finally go play the course for the rest of the time. I enjoyed the time that I spent practicing till dawn. Playing golf gave me the opportunity to be on my own and focus on my own thoughts. Practicing everyday was giving me the opportunity to play at a more competitive level. It wasn’t until freshman year of high school that I got competitive and played for my high school and tournaments outside of school. When I started playing competitively…show more content…
My goals were achieved, I received the recognition in becoming team caption and number one of the girl’s golf team. I pushed myself hard my senior year; trying to reach my last goal, to shoot in the high 70s. Every tournament I would get the second, third, or fourth place out of the six other schools that were present. However, every time that I played I was shooting an 80 or 81. At the end of my senior year I never had the opportunity to shoot in the high 70s, however, I improved drastically my mental game. Even though I didn 't reach my goal, I had another goal set in mind. I was wanting to be noticed and picked by different
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