Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience At A Summer Camp '

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My Arm Heaviness. Heaviness was the only thing I could feel at the moment. My arm felt like it was being dragged to the deepest places in hell. There was not an ounce of pain in my body just heaviness and confusion. When I tried to stand up the gravity in my arm pulled me down, it was only through pure will power and every ounce of my strength in my body that I managed to pull myself up and continue walking. At first I thought that I had only received a sprain; however, I was extremely wrong. Now before I go any further let’s start from the beginning. It was a warm Friday afternoon on the beautiful island of St. Croix. The skies were clear, the breeze was blowing perfectly, and the air was crisp and fresh as ever. I was a camp counselor at a summer camp. The summer camp itself was extremely fun.…show more content…
But on that one Friday we had this event called field day. Field day is a day full of planned activities that can be anything from an egg race to grabbing water balloon from an ice bucket while using your mouth. But the biggest event of field day is the obstacle course. The obstacle course consist of crawling and jumping over obstacles, eating multiple saltines crackers, and crawling through a mud pit.
As a camp counselor I’m not really supposed to participate. The only thing I supposed to do is give moral support and cheer for my campers. But this time things were different, instead of the camper doing the course they made the counselors do the course as well. Most of the counselors didn’t mind as we wanted to set an example for our campers. So when it was our turn we gave it everything we
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