Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience In My School

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“It’s time to go to school now Jam, come and eat your breakfast” my mom shouted very loud until I woke up but I was too sleepy and lazy so I decided to take a rest for just a couple of minutes more. Do you really think that I could sleep for a couple of minutes more and wake up on time? No way!! Finally I woke up and realize that it almost 8o’clock therefore, I was panicking so I forget many necessary school’s tools and I forget to eat my breakfast nevertheless, I just need to walk across Street for about 20 steps then I would reach my school. My school is a small school which contains only 25 teachers, 100 students, 7 janitors and 2 cook. It has 3 classrooms and1/2 canteen yeah…a half canteen because another half of the canteen is flown away with the…show more content…
He was very important to me because I needed to copy his homework in the morning every day. Do you know why I was so panicking? Because I didn’t have time to copy Henry Carter’s home work that needed to be sent in the first period. I knew that it was not acceptable but almost every kid in my school did that kind of things but even worse than me. The first period was Mathematics with Mr.Black Bean. His name looked funny but he was the strictest teacher in the school. But it was my best luck of the year because that day Mr. Black Bean was absent. After that I spent my time in that period to peek at Emma Water. She is a cute girl that I thought I have a crush on her. But good times always end quickly eventually; I heard the sound of the bell rings. My good time was ended. The next period and the rest of school time was just a regular boring day at school. Then lastly the sound of the last period’s bell ring came. Suddenly every student quickly packed their bags like my school was going to have an earthquake. Just in 2 minutes there were no one left in the
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