Personal Narrative: My Experience With Revenge

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My Experience with Revenge It is possible to say that I know quite a lot about the revenge. I saw its examples both in the literature (cinema) and the real life. First source showed global, more dramatic types of revenge, like the blood feud, Poe’s story The Cask of Amontillado or many action movies where the antagonist retaliates for the death of his/her parents, family or friend. The real life demonstrated more routine, down-to-earth cases. These small revenges appear both at home and work. For example, you can push the “Close” button in the elevator, when you will see your main “enemy” from the office who is coming late. Work also creates wider field for the revenge, as you can affect professional activities of distasteful individuals. And…show more content…
It was a Friday noon. I left the office early and went to the store to by something for weekends. It was unexpectedly crowded for this time of day, and my “enemy” was there. She already bought a package of eggs and looked for some vegetables. My briefcase gave me a plan; slight movement, and she looks at the bag with a raw omelet, while I’m calmly threading my way to the dairy section between other costumers. It looked like a small, but perfect revenge for me at that moment. However, I changed my mind after I did my shopping and went out of the store. I saw the woman in front of the parking lot, she cried and tried to clean other products off eggs’ remnants. I felt ashamed, I thought about a possible life of this woman. Maybe, her crack-down on me and other younger and more successful people were the only “light” in her miserable life. Maybe, I left her without her favorite eggs for the next week with the aid of my briefcase, and she was not able to buy a new pack because of the low salary. However, I stopped to worry about my actions soon. This little revenge was a natural reaction on the longstanding pressure. I could be wrong, but the woman was wrong either, I did not do anything to provoke such negative
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