Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Georgia, Alabama

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“Wake up,” My mom whispered. It was 6AM in the morning, and my family of four--my brother, my mom, my dad, and I--were packed up to take a roadtrip to Georgia, Alabama. Two of my families live in the area where we were going, and one of them was the family we were staying two nights with. The other family was my Uncle who planned everything, and everyone except my Aunt in that family was the one who didn’t know most of the family was coming to surprise her. When we arrived in Georgia, we slept overnight, then the next day, we had that family visit. It was hard to keep the secret, especially every time my Aunt brought the topic up. After staying over for two nights, everyone was all packed up to leave in the morning. We had to leave before…show more content…
While waiting, I was starting to get extremely hot, my pink long sleeve shirt was part of the problem. The only person who wasn’t sweating like crazy was my grandma. My grandma is a sweet person, but I was very jealous that she got to sit in a chair while another one of my Uncles holding a mini fan near her head. Meanwhile, my Aunt’s kids ran down the hill to greet everyone, followed by my Uncle holding my Aunt’s hand. While her reaction to mostly everyone being there was being recorded, the first part of renewing vows looked like a proposal. After the event happened, everyone got inside to cool down and get dressed for the main…show more content…
There wasn’t a red carpet, but there were pieces of roses and other flowers spread on the ground like a trail. My Uncle was the main show, as his smile was contagious to everyone, especially my mom’s. Although no one noticed or cared, I felt because of my teeth, my smile was ugly for my age. After renewing vows, we had a quick dinner before most of my cousins and my brother got a chance to try the beach. It was really great, but didn’t last as long as it should of, but the sun had already set. That night, while some of the adults got settled in their rooms, most of the kids were still up and were hanging out. We had a few decks of cards, so we played many cards during our trip, such as solitary, and speed. After hanging out for a little while, we all got very tired, and were ready to get some sleep. I slept with my family, and everyone else was a little scattered around the house, except my Aunt’s family got the master’s bedroom to themselves. The next few days were extremely fun. I got to experience many exciting parts of Florida, such as the heat, which compared to Michigan is extremely hot, turtles and sparklers, campfires, Ice Cream, and more! Mostly, the trip consisted of card games, swimming, and good food, but many other small events, such as seeing a giant turtle, happened that made the trip one of the funnest trips I’ve ever had. One day, I wish I could go there again with all my family from my dad’s

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