Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life

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It was my mother’s birthday. My sister Lily and I were busy preparing for a good evening to the best gift life had ever given to us. My mother had done her best to offer us whatever we wished for. She is working in two different jobs. She is a librarian in the morning and a waitress in the afternoon. We have never felt the absence of our father who died 3 years ago in a car crush. If we asked for her eyes, she would gouge those hot spoons to hand them to us. What a great mother she was! Preparing a tiny party for her was the least thing we can do to show her how grateful we are for such a blessing. Things went just the way I had wished them to go. Everything was where it was supposed to be. With a sister like Lily by my side, I had to worry about nothing. The dining room was beautifully ornamented and gave a huge comfort for anyone entering it. It was very simple…show more content…
The table of mahogany was right in the center covered with a nice white napkin my sister and I had recently purchased. I brought a picture from my room that depicts a nice view of a waterfall in a journey we did once; few days before my father’s death. I know it brings sad memories, but I felt that my father must be present in a way to celebrate with us. The frame was lily’s. It was a light blue which made a perfect much with the content of the picture. A light purple carpet which holds flowers of the same color but a little darker covered the floor on which the table and chairs were standing. Something was missing. Of course “life without music would be a mistake” as Frederick Natchez said once. Neither Lily nor I could play music although we had a piano. We played a CD we brought from my mother’s room. All I know that it is a

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