Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life In My Life

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I ran to my dad and hugged him as tightly as I could. As he tucked me into bed, I knew everything was going to be just fine. I wish everything was as perfect as in your dreams. I live for the day my dad comes home, lifts me into his arms, and expresses how much he missed me. But, I am old enough now to understand that’s not reality. It all started when I was in 3rd grade. My parents fought constantly and then for some reason, my dad felt the need to lash out on me. I was tired of showing up to school and having to explain where the bruises came from; I can vividly remember walking into class with twenty pairs of eyes all on me. I remember all the butterflies and wanting to crawl into a hole and die. It always made me think of how others ' lives were at home, if their dads treated them that way or if I 'd ever find a man to treat me the way I deserved. But mostly in particular I remember the exact details of one day in 6th grade when I was called down to the office at school. The administrative lady brought me to a little room and asked me all kinds of questions about my family and my life at home.…show more content…
I told him about my talk with the lady in the office. At that moment, he looked so surprised, he disappeared for a minute. Immediately upon, he reentered the room, he was holding a backpack. Just as I asked him what it was for he told me to go to my room and fill it with my favorite things. Baffled, I slowly reached out and grabbed the bag from his hand and did what I was told. Soon after my bag was filled, he told me he had to permit a quick phone call and to wait for him in the car. Later, as my dad climbed into the car and began the descent down our driveway, I asked him where we were going, his only response was, "You 'll
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