Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place In The World

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As I stepped out onto the field, my gaze drifted upward. The sky was speckled with millions of tiny, glittering stars. We were so isolated out here that even the Milky Way was visible. I had never seen it in person before. That’s just one of those things that only happens at camp, the most magical place I know. Still admiring the constellation, I took a deep breath of cool mountain air and started walking. Under the dim light, I could see the faint features of my cabin mates and my counselors. Even though it was only 3am, I wasn’t tired at all. I was ready to make the two and a half mile walk to my favorite place in the whole world. As we entered the forest, the ground turned from grass to gravel, and the moonlight barely leaked through the dense trees. At first, I tripped over all the rocks and branches in my path and jumped every time a piece of grass brushed against my leg. But I eventually started getting used to the dark and tripped less. I became more…show more content…
I walked up to the front and admired the sun, then took some pictures with my friends. After that we all left the stone shelter and joined everyone back out on the road. There, our counselors were waiting for us with donuts and fruit. We all chatted and laughed, but then it was time to go back to camp. The walk back seemed much shorter, we all talked and told jokes and sang. When we arrived at base camp we were so excited. Not only because the morning of Pretty Place always had the best breakfast, but because we got to take a three hour nap afterwards! It was one of the best days ever at camp, and even though we take the same trip every year, each one holds a special place in my heart. I both eagerly await and dread this year’s venture to the breathtaking view. On one hand, I can’t wait for the incredible view and amazing experience. But on the other, it will also mean that my last year of camp will be over in a couple of

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