Personal Narrative Essay: My First College Football Game

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My First College Football Game Clemson vs. NC State was the first college football game I had ever gone to; I remember how excited I was to watch Clemson beat NC State. My step sister Emmaline was a student at Clemson obtained six free tickets that would normally cost five-hundred dollars. My family and I had just driven four hours to watch our favorite football team compete. I expected Clemson to win with ease and was thrilled to finally see them play. Little did I know that it would be filled with new experiences, intense moments, and even become a yearly family tradition. I had never experienced how a college atmosphere felt until that breathtaking game. There were thousands of energetic teenagers all around me cheering for Clemson. Everyone I met on the Clemson campus was polite and had welcoming smiles on their faces. I had never experienced so many people in one place all supporting their favorite players. It amazed me how incredibly loud the Death Valley fans were and how the stadium rumbled when I walked through the gates. The fans were jumping out of their seats with excitement when the kickoff had begun. I was so overwhelmed…show more content…
Clemson game every year. We would make sure we did not make any plans the weekend of the game so that we could all be together. Instead of going to the game when it starts, we would arrive early and bring our grill to cook our own food until game time. The tender steaks and juicy hamburgers we cooked kept us full until after the game so we did not have to pay ten dollars for a hamburger at the game. My step-brother Jacob and I would walk around the stadium and collect all of the detailed plastic Clemson cups that people would leave behind after the game had ended. We always had an interesting time looking for cups and sometimes found money or jewelry instead. The only thing we hated about going to games were the long, boring four-hour drives back to
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