Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Middle School

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First Day of Middle School I was trudging to school on a crisp summer day. I had lazily wriggled myself out of bed about a half an hour ago. It was my first day of school at Sartell Middle School and I was shaking in my shoes I was so nervous. I was a 7th grader and had just switched schools to Sartell. My previous school was much smaller than Sartell was. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I better not forget my locker combination and had better remember where my Student Advisory room was. The walk to school was the worst part, I thought it would take about ten minutes, all of which my mind was conjuring up worse and worse scenarios for the day. I thought that I might forget my locker combination, thus making me late. I also thought that I might not be able to find my Student Advisory room, forcing me to go to the office shamefully and ask for directions and be walked to class like a toddler by an adult. The school slowly crept into my view as I meandered past the edge of the tree line. I could see…show more content…
I began to think that I was not alone in thinking that I would mess up and be awkward the first day of school. Obviously, my parents had told me as most parents do that being nervous is healthy, natural, and normal. They also said that everyone else would be just as nervous as me or more nervous. However, I did not believe them. How many times does someone believe their parents when they are in middle school anyways? As I arrived in my Student Advisory room I realized that there was no point in being afraid that I would not fit in or that I would be awkward the first few days. I realized that I would be awkward for a little while because this was a completely new experience for me, but I also realized that everyone else was still awkward. This realization is what made me think the following, “I can survive middle
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