Narrative Essay On My Happiest Day Of My Life

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My first friend in life was a pencil. The pink roundish square at the end of the tip smudged slightly with a hint of black. My fingers around the sleek yellow body indented with a few thin lines. My mind overflowing with ideas as I write the first words down with utter enthusiasm. Writing, has always been one of my favorite past times. It has shaped me as a person and plays an exceptional role in who I am today. It started out with an obsession over Garfield the cat. I didn't dislike the characters and plot that were already set out in the comic strip, it was just that I decided to make Garfield my own. There was nothing to do in my mom's office as the rain poured. So, I grabbed a pencil from her black stationary dispenser and a piece of paper from the printer. I plopped myself down on one of the red velvety chairs she used for meetings and began to write. “Garfield was sick one day.” At the end of my little story, I drew a purple house and Garfield, the main character right in front of it. A few hours later, my mom picked up my childish story and actually read it. She praised me and that gave me the determination to continue my path as a writer. One aspect of my life that I am utterly grateful for is that my parents allowed me to explore my imaginative, fun, and…show more content…
I have met quite a couple from my sophomore year, attending a fiction writing camp. It was one of the best experiences of my life, as I got to meet writers my age and analyze what the short stories they were writing while also getting feedback on my own. My writing has also improved since attending and I have grown both as a fiction writer and as an individual. With the topic of my love for writing aside, I hope to find a place that will support me as I grow further and find myself. Also, I am completely open to the idea of meeting other individuals who share the same ideas and mind set as I
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